About Us

Founded by technology experts and professional traders, Scipio brings a unique blend of decades of experience in the binary options, Forex and gaming industries combined with cutting edge technological expertise.

After thoroughly reviewing existing solutions and not finding any solutions that did everything we knew was possible, we created our own solution. Scipio was built along three guiding concepts, along with a dedicated commitment to make you "spend less"


Scipio is singularly committed to staying on the cutting edge of technological possibilities. From developing industry leading tools and features to constantly innovating and updating our platform and back office, we are driven to push the boundaries of possibility. In particular, our focus on innovation has led us to develop powerful tools for automating and optimizing the back office process. Repetitive tasks can be handled automatically, leaving your team free to work in other areas. Bottom line = you spend less

Mobile focused

With the average mobile user interacting with their device dozens if not hundreds of times every day, the mobile device is an ideal source for engaging with your traders.

Mobile users can also represent a significant cost savings. Account management for mobile users tends to focus on metrical and automated tools such as sending breaking news and alerts with calls to action on real world events, with less direct person-to-person interactions (which are costly in terms of using staff resources). Bottom line = you spend less.


As a broker, you know what your specific traders need and want. At Scipio we see our role with you as a partner, working together to provide what your traders need. We value the diverse relationships we have built with a wide variety or brokers and we attribute our success to our ability to build partnerships, not simply service agreements.

Our role as your partner is to ensure that we tailor our solutions based on your specific needs and requirements, rather than "convince" you that "we know best". Partnerships are built on trust, we trust that brokers know what they need, and our partners trust in our solutions to fill those needs.