Backoffice & BI

Featuring industry leading automation and customization options coupled with a powerful set of reporting tools, Scipio's backoffice will be the engine powering your success

Scipio makes you spend less

Scipio's unique blend of technology experts combined with trading experts possessing decades of experience in the binary options, Forex and gaming industries has enabled us to create industry leading KPIs which have then been developed into useful, effective reportsBy using our unparalleled automation and customization options, your team spends less time dealing with time consuming repetitive issues. Bottom line = you spend less.

Active Alerts

With proactive monitoring, you can define any set of parameters and guarantee that your team will always be fully informed with whatever your clients are doing.

Scipio features a full featured active alert system, designed to reduce operational costs and help optimize department efficiencies.

Business Intelligence

With our custom KPIs for the binary options industry, Scipio offers an in depth understanding of marketing channels, segmented groups, individual agents, detailed player value calculations and more.

These custom KPIs, built on our deep and thorough understanding of the industry provide business intelligence reports allowing you to analyze your data by parameters that are important to you. Contact us to find out more!

Processing Solutions

Scipio features full integration with a wide variety of payment options and more options are constantly being added.

Marketing Integration

At Scipio we understand the value and importance of marketing done right. "Doing it right" also means having the right tools to measure each parameter in every marketing channel.

Scipio fully supports integration with third party marketing systems, providing you with the tools and flexibility you need to test various marketing funnels, conduct A/B testing and improve profitability.

Email Templates

Write it once and rely on Scipio's ready-made templates to ensure your emails are getting out when you need them. Featuring specific tags, multi-language support and translation along with standard design, our email templates will save you time and keep your communication fast and professional.

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