Our mobile apps are user friendly and intuitive, offering your customers true 24/7 accessibility to their account. Powerful features and tools are packaged in a simple UI, and everything "just works" the way you would expect

Scipio makes you spend less

Your staff is a valuable resource, and their time is your cost. With Scipio's powerful mobile features, your traders can be automatically kept informed of relevant events and easily deposit based on real time market conditions - all without any interaction with your staff. Your team spends less time with "busy work". Bottom line = you spend less

Mobile App

Available on iOS and Android, Scipio's mobile app provides 24/7 access from anywhere at any time. Trade, deposit, view charts, analyze trends and much more - our app is not an "add on" to our website, it is a full featured system in its own right tailored specifically for mobile devices.

In-app Deposits

Scipio believes our mobile app needs to provide 100% full functionality, not simply act as an "add on" to the website. Our app features a unique system for in-app depositing. With just a few clicks, an account can be easily and securely funded, providing your customers with the tools and access they need to trade whenever and wherever they might be.

Push Notifications

Scipio features an advanced full featured push notification system. Customers can utilize its unique features to choose to stay informed of market relevant conditions and events and react to real world events in real time. It can also be utilized by the account management team to push information to clients about industry or market relevant events.

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