Our Solution

From turnkey to fully customized white label solutions, Scipio has a solution that is right for you, and the infrastructure to consistently deliver and scale with your evolving needs

Scipio makes you spend less

Anytime there is downtime, you incur costs - Scipio understands the importance and value of maintaining as close to 100% uptime as possible. We employ the most modern technologies and solutions in order to ensure the system is always running at full power, regardless of your traffic volume.

Turnkey Solution

Scipio's turnkey solution features a complete "ready to go" solution for brokers. Scipio's CRM and trading platform features powerful built in tools designed to help you succeed.

Our dedicated on-site server installation provides you with complete data confidentiality, giving you the security and peace of mind you need to move forward.

White label solution

Scipio offers an industry leading first-class white label solution. We provide a fully branded binary options site (customized to suit your needs) along with a complete set of powerful services designed specifically for a fast time-to-market and cost-effective solution.

Additionally, as a broker, you have the option to offer a white label solution yourself! With Scipio, you can easily offer your valued partners a white label opportunity. Your partners grow their brands, generate additional revenue and Scipio keeps the whole process running smoothly - Contact us to learn more.

Third Party Integration

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Shared Wallet

Already have your back office up and running? Scipio's shared wallet is an ideal solution. Shared wallet seamlessly integrates our platform with your existing website.

With Scipio's shared wallet, client funds are not stored on our platform - anytime a client opens a trade, a transfer request is sent in real time through the shared wallet - Contact us to learn more

Robust infrastructure

Any service can only be as great as its infrastructure can support. With no latency and offering private cloud deployment, Scipio's incredibly robust infrastructure will help lay the foundation for your success.

As your needs evolve, Scipio will evolve along with you, featuring full scalability and constant innovation to meet the ever changing needs in todays fast paced world.

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