Trading Platform

Scipio features a powerful trading platform offering a wide variety of trading options and tools packaged in a fast, professional and highly intuitive interface for Scipio powered brokers

Scipio makes you spend less

Scipio offers traders powerful, intuitive, user friendly trading tools which are fully integrated into our trading platform. These tools keep customers engaged, provide timely and interesting information and ideas and actively work to stimulate active trading - minimizing the time required by your sales and retention teams

Unique Trading Options

Scipio allows you to offer your traders unique options providing them with maximum flexibility in controlling live positions:

  SLTP (Stop loss and take profit): An exclusive feature for Scipio powered brokers, these options give your traders access to valuable risk management tools.

  Early close at any time: Scipio adds additional value by enabling you to allow traders to close a position from the moment it opens right up to its expiry.

Trader Dashboard

Scipio provides an innovative, intuitive dashboard consisting of market leading charting and industry leading informational components.

Featuring trader trends, full integration with StockTwits, 3rd party signal providers, market news and technical analysis, the dashboard offers everything a trader needs in one easy to manage interface.

Scipio offers a full graphical history of all your positions, including charts and graphical analysis - while it may not guarantee future results, it will help your traders track what has been working well for them.

"High-Low" Game

A classic all time favorite, the high low game is the one that "started them all". Traders can choose high or low when deciding which way the market will move and will choose long or short term expiry periods. Simple, easy, efficient and extremely popular, Scipio's high/low game is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Unique "Max Profit" Game

Featured exclusively for Scipio powered brokers, our Max Profit game is a surefire hit with all traders. Payout is determined by moving a slider - Think the target price will be higher than the current price? Simply slide to a higher payout! A variation of the "high, low" game, Max Profit also features stop loss, take profit and early closes.

"Double Profit" Game

A variation on the "high-low" game, our Double profit game features a fixed return of 200%, offering traders the chance to double their investment. The Double Profit game features a built in spread (the spread is not reflective of the current market price).

Back Office Management

Scipio has an extensive back office with powerful features and tools designed from the ground up to be user friendly and intuitive. Our back office is easy to use, offering powerful features and tools all designed to make managing the trading platform as easy and streamlined as possible.

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